Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eiger-1 and Eiger-2 Camper pricing?

We are targeting $80-90K for a full-featured Eiger-1 Camper, $100-110K for the Eiger-2. This includes the base van and all the standard features shown here for the Eiger-1 and here for the Eiger-2. Options are extra and individually priced at our cost plus a reasonable profit (see below). A 25% cash down payment is required.

Which pop-tops do you use?

We use the German SCA 152 pop-top for the Eiger-1 which we believe is of superior quality and crash-worthiness to the Reimo product. The SCA 152 includes a very comfortable, spring-supported mattress and three windows, two of which can be fully opened. For the Eiger-2 we use the Field Van motorized pop-top which has years of proven use in Sportsmobile and Field Van conversions. We locate USB outlets at the two forward corners. All pop-tops are painted to match the van color.

Do you use 80/20 aluminum extrusions?

No. 80/20 is a hobbyist framing system...some even call it an aluminum "tinker toy". We use a professional-grade, German system designed for industrial applications with patented, hidden connectors. It is lightweight, beautiful, super strong, and does not require brackets, Loctite, or regular bolt tightening. Nothing is going to shake loose.

What is the lead time for a new Eiger Van?

8-12 months including new van acquisition.

Do you use the Reimo bench/bed system?

No. While the Reimo bench/bed does include belt restraints, we don't like how much it costs and how uncomfortable it is to sit and sleep on. We build a very comfortable "rock and roll" bench/bed with 4" Dacron-wrapped, removable cushions that is 79" long (83.5" for the Eiger-2) when fully extended. Our 3/4" bamboo pivot table has two mounting locations and can be pushed out of the way to a locked position above the fridge/freezer. The table top can be detached from the table leg and then be clipped to the back of the bench backrest, then the table leg can be clipped to the floor below the bench seat. Eiger Vans are designed for two-person use and as such don't include rear seat belt restraints, however we do expect to offer this in subsequent models.

What options do you offer?

We are giving you the flexibility to make your Eiger Van your own. Options include the following: ARB Touring or Fiamma F45S awning with custom mounting brackets, ARB twin air compressor connected to starter battery, swivel driver’s seat, sliding door operable side window (Eiger-1 only), Kenwood 10” stereo head unit (Eiger-1 only) and speaker replacement, solar panels, porta potti ottoman/garage and Thetford porta potti.

Is Eiger Vans a Swiss company?

While the Eiger is located in Switzerland, we're located in Seattle. We chose "Eiger" because it reflects the German heritage of our ownership, the platforms we build on, the pop-top we use for the Metris, and our framing system. But also because it is symbolic of the quality of our build and the adventure our customers are seeking. Eiger climbers don't compromise and neither does Eiger Vans.

Can I convert a Metris or Sprinter I already own?

Yes, if your Metris is the 126" wheelbase model and has dual sliding doors or if your Sprinter is a low roof 144" wheelbase dual-slider model. Either passenger or cargo model is fine. We will do a van delete on the final cost which should reduce the price by about $40,000 for the Eiger-1 and about $60,000 for the Eiger-2. Converting your own van significantly reduces the lead time quoted above.